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You and YouTube

The use of video content in marketing is skyrocketing and YouTube is taking the lead as the biggest video social media platform with over two billion active users worldwide. Have you thought about using videos to market your business?  Read on as I share some essential news to get you started with your own YouTube channel.

One of the first things to consider when launching a YouTube Channel is whether or not you have an adequate amount of time to devote to planning, filming, editing, and marketing your content on a regular basis. You want to create likeable and shareable content for your audience and this can take a considerable amount of time.

To get started you will need to set up a Google account. YouTube is owned by Google and if you already have a Gmail account you automatically have access to a YouTube account. You will also need to set up a YouTube Brand Account which allows you to manage editing permissions and creates a more complete online presence.

There are several components of a YouTube channel you should become familiar with including:
Channel profile picture and channel art – these are the first images of your YouTube account that viewers will see. They should be easily recognizable and consistent with your brand.
Channel name – is connected to every video that you publish so make sure that it is correct and matches your other social media sites and overall branding.
Channel icon – this can be your logo or your professional headshot.
Channel description – includes company information and the type of video content you plan to share.
Channel trailer – a short clip that shows visitors what your channel is about.
Channel links – make it easy for your viewers to connect with you on other social media sites

One of the benefits of video marketing is the different types of videos you can create based on your goals, business model, and your target audience. You may want to include a variety of video formats including:
Customer testimonials
Tutorial videos
YouTube Live videos
Video Blogs
Product demonstration
Event videos

Whatever format you choose it is critical that you produce high quality videos. Make sure that you use a good camera on a tripod, that you shoot from different angles and distances, use a good microphone, feature real people or use animation and film more content than you think you need. 

Remember to include calls to action in every video, make it easy for viewers to share your videos, and produce on a regular basis or produce a video series.

Finally – you need to engage with your viewers. Respond to comments, answer questions, ask for feedback and thank them for their support. This important task can easily get lost in the shuffle so set aside a dedicated time to check video interaction and stay in touch with users.

Are you ready to get started? Video marketing is just one of the ways I can help you take care of your business. 

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