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  Websites, Microsites & Landing Pages – which is best for your business?

Websites have long been the standard when it comes to having an online presence for your business, however there are other options that may be better suited for you including microsites and landing pages.

Regardless of the format, some type of website is critical for your business success. Consider these statistics from

  • There are 2 billion websites on the internet
  • 400 million of these websites are active
  • On average, internet users in the US visit over 100 websites each day

So how do you know if you need a website, microsite or landing page? Read on as I explain the differences and pros & cons of each.

Website: A website is a set of related pages that describes your business, products and service. Using a series of links and navigation menus, visitors can order products, send messages, subscribe to a newsletter, receive special discounts and more. Your website can also answer questions and provide customer service.

The advantages of having a website include:

  • the ability to reach a broader audience
  • establishes business credibility
  • customers are more likely to trust you
  • creating a professional website is relatively easy

The disadvantages of having a website include:

  • domain names, website hosting and maintenance can be costly
  • building an online presence can take time
  • keeping your website current especially if you offer promotions, post a blog, etc. can be time consuming


Landing Page: A landing page is usually a single page that contains a central piece of information that describes an individual offer, product or service. It can either stand alone or be connected to a website. A landing page encourages visitors to take action and typically includes a fillable form to drive sales and capture leads.

Advantages include:

  • sends a targeted message to a specific audience
  • easy to maintain and update
  • easily converts to a website as your business grows

Disadvantages include:

  • less versatile than a website
  • offers limited options for visitors
  • they are not very engaging


Microsite: A microsite combines elements of a website and a landing page to create a simple but functional format that is ideal for sharing information, answering questions and generating attention for a new business, product or service. A microsite is usually one long scrolling page with simple navigation links.

Advantages include:

  • good pre-launch tool
  • typically requires less monetary investment
  • can showcase new products and/or services

Disadvantages include:

  • measuring ROI with a microsite can be difficult
  • visitors may be confused if you use a microsite as part of your website
  • can be time consuming to create and maintain.

Whatever format of online presence you choose, remember that it is the digital face of your business. It is your best salesperson and your most important marketing tool.

As your essential assistant, I can help you with the best online option for your business- let’s chat!

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