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Nurturing Leads

No matter how you generate them, leads are a critical part of any business. As business owners it is important to keep in mind that leads are just possibilities – they are not a guaranteed sell.  Just because someone gave you their information does not mean they are ready to give you their money.  Consumers need an average of 10 “touches” before they commit to purchasing a product or service. In order to take these leads from prospect to client you need to develop a lead nurturing process.

Lead nurturing is the practice of creating and strengthening relationships with your leads at every stage of the sales process. A combination of marketing and communication efforts based on their needs and interests will help build trust, increase brand recognition and keep you connected to them until they become your client.

There are several ways to construct a lead nurturing program including multiple touches, multi-channel communications, and timely follow-ups. Email marketing that includes targeted content and personalization, remains one of the most successful methods of lead nurturing. Content should include information that will get them interested in what your business does and why they might want to work with you. Make sure to include a call to action in each email, and make your pitch stronger with each message.  In addition to email, consider using social media, blog posts, polls and surveys, direct mail and even personal contact as part of your process. 

Timely follow-up is key to a successful lead nurturing program. Knowing when leads click on a link, visit your website or answer an email will enable you to respond quickly which increases the odds of converting them to a customer.

Lead nurturing is essential for your business, it can help you form ongoing relationships, close more sales and make more money.
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