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Tips to maintain momentum for small business owners

Recently I have had several conversations with small business owners who are tired of working their business from home or elsewhere. They are tired of having to come up with new ways to reach existing clients and attract new clients. They have run out of ideas for social media posts and desperately need a new perspective. In order to help them (and you) I have compiled the following tips to help you maintain momentum and keep your business fresh.

1. Rearrange your workspace. Even something as simple as changing the direction your desk faces can give you a new perspective. Add some artwork, personalize your space with a bulletin board to fill with things that are important to you. Add some family photos. Change out your desk lamp and add some brightly colored accessories.

2. Organize your business. Update your voicemail message, implement an email management system. Critique your website and social media posts. Update your story, reorganize your website pages, start a blog.

3. Update your headshot. Take several different photos both outside and indoors in settings that reflect your business. Wear colors that make you feel good. Consider adding your new headshot to your business cards.

4. Plan a promotion. Make it fun, family friendly and interactive for your clients. Consider running a contest, offer a buy one get one free, bundle like products or services together for a discount. Take advantage of seasonal times and holidays when planning your promotion.

5. Create a newsletter about your company/industry. This is a great way to share information, provide education and keep you connected to your clients and prospects. Make it easy to read and visually appealing. Be consistent in sending it out on a regular basis.

6. Take an online class to enhance your skills or learn something totally new. There are tons of free online classes, workshops and seminars on a variety of subjects. Some even offer certification courses.

7. Participate in a virtual fundraiser in your community either through a sponsorship or donation of products/services. Share on your social media sites and with your clients. If possible, volunteer your time as well.

8. Check-in with your clients – offer a 15-minute virtual coffee. Focus on how they are doing personally and share information that may be helpful to their situation.

9. Have a definite schedule to your day. Have a specific start and end time and resist the urge to “finish this one thing”. Try to keep your workspace “out of sight, out of mind” during non-working hours. Take breaks away from your desk.

10. Make time for yourself during the day. Go outside for a few minutes, listen to music, use your favorite mug or water bottle. Practice relaxation techniques and always remember to smile!