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Elevate Your Elevator Speech

One of the first things most business owners do is to create an “elevator speech” – that 30 – 60 second soundbite that tells others about your business and what you do. While this is an essential piece of marketing, after a while it can become stale. If you’re like me and are part of one or more leads or networking group(s), you find yourself saying the same thing to the same people over and over again.  So how can you change it up and still get the important information across? Read on……

Think about what you are “selling” – tailor your pitch to the audience: Think about these questions-

  • What do you offer that is unique/different?
  • What sets you apart from your competition?
  • Are you talking to fellow business owners or the general public?
  • What might they already know about your business/industry?


Make sure to have a beginning – middle – end:  Begin by asking a question, stating a fact or showing a photo. Tell them how you can solve a problem, give 2-3 examples of services you offer, share any specialty you have, let them know how they will benefit if they hire you. Instead of ending with “If you know of someone” ask “Who do you know”, “Are you looking for?” “Are you ready?’ Always offer a follow- up opportunity either a business card or one- on- one meeting.

The Ask: Often this is the hardest part for some people because their ideal client could be anybody. But this part of your elevator speech is very important.  So, here’s a few tips -be specific (I am looking for), ask for what will benefit you the most (teachers, parents, retirees), express a call to action (to visit my website, share my name stop by my shop).

Be present: The delivery of your elevator speech should be relaxed and natural. Smile, stand tall and speak clearly. Make eye contact and be relatable to your audience. Leave the technical jargon out of it.

Your elevator speech should be a reflection of you and your business is.  Therefore, it’s important to practice your speech over and over until you are comfortable with the words, delivery and tone. It may be helpful to create a few versions that can be used in different settings. As your business evolves  your elevator speech should as well.  

Need help developing an elevator speech?  Check out my website to see how I can help you take care of your business.

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