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Do you really need a CRM?

CRM – is a commonly used acronym in the business world but many of us may not fully understand what it means. A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps you develop business connections and retain information about prospects and clients.

If you have more contacts than you can remember and you are not able to follow-up in a timely manner or you forget to reach out at all, you may want to create a CRM. Most CRM systems are best suited for businesses that operate in a B2B format.

Many CRM systems are used as a sales tool; however, they can be a valuable asset in keeping in touch with your customer base and strengthening your relationship with them. CRM’s can also help you stay connected to your prospects.

Each contact has their own profile that you can customize to include important information such as email, phone numbers, social media platforms, past conversations you’ve had with them, personal preferences, reminders and more.

Customers will benefit from your CRM by receiving your timely updates and check-ins which can encourage repeat business and improved customer service from you.

If you have employees, a CRM makes it easy to communicate all interactions with clients and prospects to everyone. Information can be accessed in real time and is always up to date.

A CRM is not for everyone. If you are a solo professional with only a few key customers that you can manage easily you probably would not benefit from all the functions of a CRM. Business owners that sell B2C, especially ecommerce businesses, may want to use a dedicated marketing system instead of a CRM.

The sales, networking and marketing that you do for your business all generate interest and the need to follow up. Using a Customer Relationship Management software system can help you maximize business return, customer loyalty and improve your overall efficiency.

There are many CRM systems to choose from, I can help you determine the best one to fit your needs, assist with set-up and provide on-going support.

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