Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand As a small business owner how much thought have you put into your brand image?  Many small business owners think a brand image is something only large companies need.  Most of us have the basics – a logo, business cards, a website, and some social media presence, however, having a strong brand […]

Are You Ready to Hire?

Are You Ready to Hire? In my previous business ownership venture, the thought of hiring an employee made my heart palpitate and my palms sweat. It seemed like such a huge step and there were so many unknowns. My biggest fear was that business would slow down and I wouldn’t be able to generate enough […]

You and YouTube

You and YouTube The use of video content in marketing is skyrocketing and YouTube is taking the lead as the biggest video social media platform with over two billion active users worldwide. Have you thought about using videos to market your business?  Read on as I share some essential news to get you started with your own […]

Do you really need a CRM?

Do you really need a CRM? CRM – is a commonly used acronym in the business world but many of us may not fully understand what it means. A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps you develop business connections and retain information about prospects and clients. If you have more contacts than […]

The Art of Writing a Cold Email

The Art of Writing a Cold Email Email is one of the easiest ways to communicate with others, however, cold emailing can be just as daunting as cold calling. In this issue of “Essential News You Can Use” I’ll share some tips to help you create an effective introductory email that could result in more […]

Elevate Your Elevator Speech

Elevate Your Elevator Speech One of the first things most business owners do is to create an “elevator speech” – that 30 – 60 second soundbite that tells others about your business and what you do. While this is an essential piece of marketing, after a while it can become stale. If you’re like me […]

Keeping up with Social Media

Keeping up with Social Media Social media is everywhere these days and as a solo professional or small business owner it is imperative that you be part of it.  Should you use Facebook or Instagram? LinkedIn or Twitter? It can be overwhelming choosing the most appropriate ones for your business. It’s also daunting trying to […]

The Customer Experience

The Customer Experience There is no doubt that customers and clients are the heart of a business, no matter what product or service is being offered. Many small business owners and solo professionals discover that outstanding customer service must be included in every aspect of their business – not just the point of sale. In […]

Your best (marketing) friend

Your Best (Marketing) Friend This is the time of year when many business owners think about reaching out to clients and business associates. Some send a traditional greeting card that includes a simple sentiment and either a handwritten or printed signature. Although this is a nice gesture it doesn’t add any value to your products […]

Tips to maintain momentum for small business owners

Tips to maintain momentum for small business owners Recently I have had several conversations with small business owners who are tired of working their business from home or elsewhere. They are tired of having to come up with new ways to reach existing clients and attract new clients. They have run out of ideas for […]