Websites, Microsites, & Landing Pages

  Websites, Microsites & Landing Pages – which is best for your business? Websites have long been the standard when it comes to having an online presence for your business, however there are other options that may be better suited for you including microsites and landing pages. Regardless of the format, some type of website […]

Are you a blogger?

Are you a Blogger? According to WordPress, over 409 million people view over 20 million blog posts each month. The popularity of blogs continues to grow and now many business owners are using blogs to talk about their brand, share their expertise, promote products and much more. A business blog can produce more traffic to […]

Video Marketing – A Must Have for your Business

Video Marketing – A Must Have for Your Business Have you noticed that almost all social media posts these days have a video component? That’s because the effectiveness of traditional marketing is dwindling while the popularity and success of video marketing is skyrocketing. Video marketing means using videos for promoting and telling people about your […]

Is a Virtual Assistant right for you?

Is a Virtual Assistant right for you? Business owners take on many tasks and responsibilities which at times can be overwhelming.  Maybe you are doing everything yourself – marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, social media posts, emails, website management and much more. That may be working well for now but eventually you will reach a point […]

Nurturing Leads

Nurturing Leads No matter how you generate them, leads are a critical part of any business. As business owners it is important to keep in mind that leads are just possibilities – they are not a guaranteed sell.  Just because someone gave you their information does not mean they are ready to give you their […]

Is your email inbox out of control?

Is your email inbox out of control? There is no question that email is ingrained into our daily lives both personally and professionally. Many of us have a love/hate relationship with email. We love the convenience and speed, the ability to view and answer messages anywhere at any time, and the ability to save important […]

Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand As a small business owner how much thought have you put into your brand image?  Many small business owners think a brand image is something only large companies need.  Most of us have the basics – a logo, business cards, a website, and some social media presence, however, having a strong brand […]

Are You Ready to Hire?

Are You Ready to Hire? In my previous business ownership venture, the thought of hiring an employee made my heart palpitate and my palms sweat. It seemed like such a huge step and there were so many unknowns. My biggest fear was that business would slow down and I wouldn’t be able to generate enough […]

You and YouTube

You and YouTube The use of video content in marketing is skyrocketing and YouTube is taking the lead as the biggest video social media platform with over two billion active users worldwide. Have you thought about using videos to market your business?  Read on as I share some essential news to get you started with your own […]

Do you really need a CRM?

Do you really need a CRM? CRM – is a commonly used acronym in the business world but many of us may not fully understand what it means. A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps you develop business connections and retain information about prospects and clients. If you have more contacts than […]